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New Bridal Mehendi Designs in 2019

March 18, 2019

There’s nothing like enough New Bridal Mehendi designs when you’re the bride, you are always looking out for fresh and new designs for your Mehendi everywhere on the internet. We’ve seen brides tell their love story etched on their bridal Mehendi and brides deck some pretty minimal Mehendi, its time we dig out some new bridal Mehendi designs and trends. To make sure you have the coolest bridal Mehendi on your pretty hands and feet, we have found some really intricate, beautiful Mehendi designs, you can steal to get on your palms as well as your feet as your bridal Mehendi.




Heart Shaped Mehendi Design
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 1

This design is, particularly for the lovebirds. It helps you express your love without even saying a single word, and it looks beautiful too. Rose, heart pattern, adjoining hearts, soul stringer, bracelet heart design, floral heart etc., these are some of the elements used in this style of Mehendi.


The Glove Mehendi Design
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 2

The Glove Mehendi is a unique and modern style; It can be applied to the wrist and back of the hand. This style gives the illusion of wearing a glove. In this design, it uses regular petal-like patterns to create a lacy glove look. The color of the Mehendi can be black or brown, the length of the pattern can be till the arm or wrist or just fingers as well.


Fingers Mehendi Design
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 3

The best thing is that you can go with this style of Mehendi on any day of the year. It provides a beautiful appearance to your fingers as well as your hand. It’s a creative idea and easy to apply. If you have less time to put on Mehendi, this is the best option for you. Just put bright color nail paint with this design, and you are ready to rock.


Jewelry (Ornamental) Mehendi Design
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 4

Jewelry Mehendi is the new trend developed among girls these days. It makes your hand elegant and attractive. Mostly this ornamental Mehendi designs applied at the back of your hand and the feet. These Jewellery or ornamental designs are versatile enough for any festive.




These bridal feet Mehendi designs will make your feet look totally Bridal Portrait Worthy and stunning at the same time. So scroll down to check out the most stunning feet Mehendi designs we spotted on real brides

*With just the mandala in the center
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 5

*With adding some color to the henna
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 6

*The checkered pattern
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 7

*With the Mehendi design going all the way up to the knees
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 8

*With the peacock motifs
New Bridal Mehendi Designs 9



written by: Jasmine Dedhia

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