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Everything before Mehendi.

January 11, 2019

Things you need to DO before your Mehendi application:

  1. Select a Mehendi Artist well in advance. Every artist has a different style. Ask them for catalogs of their previously done work, and pick the one that appeals the most to you.
  2. Get waxing, mani, and pedi done before mehendi. Waxing later can lighten the color as it removes the top layer of skin. The nail polish remover used in mani pedi can also lighten it.
  3. Ask your artist about the ingredients that will be used in mehendi. If you have sensitive skin, discuss this with the artist beforehand. You don’t want to end up with red and itchy hands on your big day.
  4. Schedule the ceremony 24-48 hours before the wedding to ensure rich color.
  5. Complete all your tasks for the day and eat something before the ceremony. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  6. Ask your artist about the things required like a rag or newspaper. Keep everything available before the beginning of the ceremony to avoid the break in the flow of a mehendi application.
  7. Wash your hands and feet with soap and water to get rid of moisture and oiliness.
  8. Choose comfy seating with enough pillows and a water jug with straw nearby. You have to sit still for a long time, ensure that you remain comfortable through it to avoid body aches later.


Written by: Jasmine Dedhia.


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