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Top 5 Mehndi Designs for Bride’s Bestfriend

March 11, 2019

There are no second thoughts that a bride is the apple of all eyes on her wedding day, but after her, it’s her bridesmaids that steal all the limelight. So, it’s equally imperative for them to up their game and matches her level. Any other true friend, we’re here to help. Whether you like your Mehndi to be intricate, Arabic, simple or bold, we’ve got 5 most desireful and attractive Mehndi Designs for Bride’s Bestfriend. All you need to do is pick one and get your palms stained.

  1. Minimalistic Design Mehndi: This consists of designs that comprise of the most minimalistic designs. They take the least time and they consist of minimum designs. They comprise of designs which have different curves and also which are traditional as well as modern at the same time. They are highly preferred among women for varied occasions. The most unique factor is the ring that is there on index finger which enhances the beauty of the design.
    mehndi designs for bride's bestfriend 1
  2. Quick Flower Mehndi Designs: Another type of Mehndi design that can be created quickly is flower designs. These designs contain less intricate patterns and are thus easy to make. The fact that it can be made with ease contributes to its readiness to do it. They are also easy to create and thus have gained popularity among women. For those who are in a rush and want to get it done quickly can opt for this design.
    mehndi designs for bride's bestfriend 2
  3. Quick Zigzag Mehndi Patterns: Zigzag Mehndi patterns consist of designs in zigzag structure. They comprise of varied lines going from everywhere to everywhere. This makes it easier and faster to be made.
    mehndi designs for bride's bestfriend 3
  4. Petal Of Flower Mehndi Designs: This design is a counterpart of its flower designs. Similar to flower designs are petal designs which are also easy to make.
    mehndi designs for bride's bestfriend 4
  5. Arabic Design: These designs are created using stylish patterns which are easy to make at the same time attractive. These designs are very eye catchy and unique. They are great designs for beginners as they can be made very easily and does not need expert hands.

 mehndi designs for bride's bestfriend 5

With the varied number of Mehndi Designs for Bride’s Bestfriend, you can easily choose the perfect design for the occasion. Apply the best Mehndi design which is quick and easy that suits the most.


written by: Jasmine Dedhia – Professional Mehndi Artist in Mumbai



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